Teacher Observing Program

Welcome to the Teacher Observing Program! This is your chance to involve your students directly in designing and making astronomical observations with research-quality telescopes!

Note: These observing opportunities are open to teachers who have already participated in either the RBSE or TLRBSE summer observing experiences.

We offer two types of observing opportunities:

  1. Remote Telescope Observing at the New Mexico Skies Observatory. You and your students can access and control telescopes over the Internet from your school or home computer. This opportunity is for both beginning and advanced students, and may include observing groups as small as a single capable student or as large as your entire class.
  2. On-site Observing at Kitt Peak. You and a small team of your students can visit Kitt Peak and use the instruments you learned to use as a RBSE or TLRBSE participant. This opportunity is for advanced students only, and for only one or two students at a time.

A student participating in the TOP program enjoys filling the Dewar at the 0.9M telescope with liquid nitrogen at 4 AM.

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The Astronomy RBSE program is administered by the National Optical Astronomy Observatory with funds from the National Science Foundation.