Guidelines for RBSE Journal Submissions

To be accepted for review, your submission(s) must adhere to the following guidelines (provided as downloadable files). Paper should be sent as an attached doc file. The name of the file MUST follow the format TEACHER last name_student last name (first author)_rbse.doc. For example Smith_Jones_rbse.doc.

Required Sections in Your TLRBSE Paper: Information on how your paper(s) should be organized.

TLRBSE Journal Style/Formatting Sheet: Information on page set-up, fonts, image and table formats—lots of useful stuff!

Sample Bibliography Entries: Proper referencing is one of the great challenges of writing a scientific paper. Look at this document for examples of how to reference a book, a scientific article in a scientific journal, a web page, etc.

Since many of you have never written a scientific paper before, we provide here a sample scientific paper that was published in the Astrophysical Journal, and a short discussion of the nature and purpose of each of the sections.

Sample Scientific Paper

Discussion of Sample Paper

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The Astronomy RBSE program is administered by the National Optical Astronomy Observatory with funds from the National Science Foundation.