Welcome to the NOAO RBSE site:

ARBSE workshop participants on the 2.1-m catwalk at sunset

NOAO has sponsored the Research-Based Science Education (RBSE) project for a number of years, including an annual teacher’s workshop as well as follow-up opportunities for teachers. Changes in our funding structure requires that we put this program on hold, but we will continue to support past participants in the RBSE program.

If you are interested in research-based astronomy education, you may find our astronomy research projects and data of interest. The site (also linked on the bar at the top of this page) includes background material to get students started. Students who work on these projects, which make use of Kitt Peak Observatory data, are invited to submit papers to our RBSE journal, an annual on-line publication.

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The Astronomy RBSE program is administered by the National Optical Astronomy Observatory with funds from the National Science Foundation.