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Arizona Dark Skies & Energy Program

Arizona Dark Skies & Energy Program

The dark nighttime sky is a natural resource that is disappearing rapidly all over Earth. Reducing excess light is critical to astronomy, but inefficient, artificial lights are affecting human health, plant and animal ecosystems, and are driving up energy costs and consumption. This program was designed to help students identify wasteful and inefficient lighting and provide ways to reduce consumption and keeps energy costs in check. It helped the Yuma community regain and safeguard a threatened and precious natural resource - a dark night sky.

View Dark Skies: A Night of Light, a video of the Final Project Presentations given by the students and teachers of Castle Dome Middle School, Fourth Avenue Jr. High School, Ron Watson Middle School, Gila Vista Jr. High School, Woodard Jr. High School, and Pecan Grove Elementary School in Yuma, AZ.

This program was supported by a grant from the Arizona Public Services Foundation.