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HR: 1340h
AN: ED53A-0528 Poster
TI: Using Telescopic Observations to Explore the Science of AGN with High School Students
AU: *McLin, K M
EM: mclin@universe.sonoma.edu
AF: NASA E/PO Group, Sonoma State University, Rohnert Park, CA, USA
AU: Cominsky, L R
EM: lynnc@universe.sonoma.edu
AF: NASA E/PO Group, Sonoma State University, Rohnert Park, CA, USA
AB: Over the past several years the NASA E/PO Group at Sonoma State University has operated a small robotic telescope in northern Sonoma County, California. The telescope is used by high school and college instructors and their students from around the United States. Observations have been used both in classroom settings and in after-school or extracurricular activities. It has also been central over the past two summers (2009/2010) as part of a summer science internship program for Sonoma County high school students. The program gave these students an in-depth experience collecting and analyzing astronomical data. This poster describes some of the ways that the telescope has been used to make scientific measurements (as opposed to “pretty pictures”) of astronomical phenomena in high school settings. Some of the obstacles to implementing a set of astronomical observations in the high school classroom will be described, as will the steps we have taken to overcome them. Information is provided on how instructors can become involved in using the telescope and what support is available to help them get started in their classes.
DE: [0805] EDUCATION / Elementary and secondary education
DE: [0845] EDUCATION / Instructional tools
SC: Education and Human Resources (ED)
MN: 2010 Fall Meeting