2010 Fall Meeting          
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HR: 1340h
AN: ED53A-0520 Poster
TI: Geospatial Education: Working with the NASA Airborne Science Program
AU: *Lockwood, C M
EM: lockwoodc@cnlworld.org
AF: CNL World, Chadron, NE, USA
AU: Handley, L
EM: Larry_Handley@usgs.gov
AF: US Geological Survey, Rolla, MO, USA
AU: Handley, N
EM: handleyn@cnlworld.org
AF: CNL World, Chadron, NE, USA
AB: WETMAAP (Wetland Education Through Maps and Aerial Photography) , a program of CNL World, supports the NASA Strategic Goals and Objectives for Education by providing classroom teachers and formal and informal educators with professional development. WETMAAP promotes science by inquiry through the use of a building-block process, comparative analysis, and analytical observations. Through the WETMAAP workshops and website, educators receive the concepts necessary to provide students with a basic understanding of maps, aerial photography, and satellite and airborne imagery that focus on the study of wetlands and wetland change. The program targets educators, Grades 5 - 12, in earth science, environmental science, biology, geography, and mathematics, and emphasizes a comprehensive curriculum approach.
DE: [0805] EDUCATION / Elementary and secondary education
DE: [0815] EDUCATION / Informal education
DE: [0825] EDUCATION / Teaching methods
DE: [0830] EDUCATION / Teacher training
SC: Education and Human Resources (ED)
MN: 2010 Fall Meeting