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HR: 1340h
AN: ED53A-0517 Poster
TI: Making Accurate Topographic Maps of the Schoolyard Using Ideas and Techniques Learned and Adapted from Multi-beam Sonar Mapping of the Arctic Ocean
AU: *Fuerst, S I
EM: sam.fuerst@dpsnc.net
AF: Northern High School Science, Durham Public Schools, Durham, NC, USA
AU: Roberts, J D
EM: Joshua.Roberts@dpsnc.net
AF: Northern High School Science, Durham Public Schools, Durham, NC, USA
AB: Having participated in a University of Rhode Island Project Armada expedition to join the University of New Hampshire Center for Coastal and Oceanographic Studies in making multi-beam sonar contour maps of the Arctic Ocean floor, I was able to bring the principles learned from this trip to my earth science high school students and create a project in our "mapping the earth" unit. Students learn basic surveying techniques and create authentic, accurately detailed topographic maps of the schoolyard. Models of their maps are then constructed of either Styrofoam or wood which enables them to make the transition from a 2-dimensional map to a 3-dimensional representation. Even though our maps are created using sticks, line levels, compasses and GPS, the scientific concepts of using location and elevation data to draw contour lines are identical to those used in underwater mapping. Once the students understand the science in mapping and creating contour maps to scale on graph paper by hand, they are able to easily relate this knowledge to what I was doing onboard ship using multi-beam sonar and computer mapping programs. We would like to share with you the lab and techniques that we have developed to make this activity possible with minimal materials and simple technology. As a background extension, it is also possible to replicate sonar measurements using an aquarium, food coloring, and a surface grid to map the topography of a teacher created landscape on the aquarium bottom.

Earth Science students using simple tools to accurately map the topography of the school grounds

DE: [0820] EDUCATION / Curriculum and laboratory design
DE: [0825] EDUCATION / Teaching methods
DE: [0850] EDUCATION / Geoscience education research
SC: Education and Human Resources (ED)
MN: 2010 Fall Meeting