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HR: 1340h
AN: ED53A-0511 Poster
TI: URI's ARMADA Research Experience Leads to Inspiring Middle School Students to Become Ocean Stewards
AU: *Barrett, M
EM: mbbluebird@aol.com
AF: Harrington Middle School, Mt. Laurel, NJ, USA
AB: After spending three weeks aboard NOAA’s David Starr Jordon, my classroom has come alive with ocean life. My research experience was part of URI’s ARMADA project. I worked alongside scientists as they conducted ‘business as usual’ on the CSCAPE expedition. CSCAPE’s mission was to survey the cetacean abundance in the Pacific Ocean. My leg of the voyage took us as far out as 300 nautical miles from the coast and from points between Newport, Oregon and San Francisco, California. Throughout the three weeks, I learned with the best of them how cetaceans are identified, photographed, counted, and biopsied. This 2005 research experience is still with me today in the classroom. I have created a “Bring the Sea to Me” program in which my middle school students teach elementary students about ocean life. My students also use video footage and photographs from my expedition to create wildlife documentaries shown at our annual Film Festival. My students have also worked with engineering students from a local university to create a life-size fin whale, which travels with us on our teaching trips, and I have since purchased a 100-gallon touch tank to give the students a hands-on experience with the organisms we collect while seining along the New Jersey coast. The science I learned while on the Jordan has allowed me to teach my students how cetaceans are surveyed, how to identify cetaceans by their blows and dorsal fins, and how to identify individuals within a species. Survey graphs are interpreted and conclusions are drawn. The students also see the importance of writing in science when they explore my journals from the expedition (www.armadaproject.org/journals/2005-2006/barrett/barrett-8-21.htm). My participation in CSCAPE inspired me beyond belief, and I can only hope that my enthusiasm for the ocean is inspiring students to become stewards of our oceans.
DE: [4858] OCEANOGRAPHY: BIOLOGICAL AND CHEMICAL / Population dynamics and ecology
DE: [4899] OCEANOGRAPHY: BIOLOGICAL AND CHEMICAL / General or miscellaneous
SC: Education and Human Resources (ED)
MN: 2010 Fall Meeting