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HR: 1035h
AN: ED52A-02
TI: Polar Science: From the Field to the Classroom (Invited)
AU: O'Neill, M
EM: moneill@bcbe.org
AF: Science, Fairhope High School, Fairhope, AL, USA
AU: *O'Brien, K
EM: kmobrien@alaska.edu
AF: University of Alaska Fairbanks, Fairbanks, AK, USA
AB: The ARMADA Project was a National Science Foundation Project organized by the Office of Marine Programs of the University of Rhode Island. ARMADA connected scientists and teachers to conduct field research together and share directly with the classroom. In addition to the field research, ARMADA teachers mentored new science teachers to assist in teacher retention and presented at National Science Teachers’ Association National Conventions. As an ARMADA teacher, I participated in two polar research experiences. In 2007, I worked with scientists from the University of Barcelona, Spain in the Arctic off the coast of Svalbard conducting seafloor mapping and sediment core sampling. My second research experience was to Antarctica in 2009 with Dr. Kristin O’Brien and her team studying Antarctic Ice Fish and their tolerance to temperature change. Sharing ship time with Dr. O’Brien was a team of scientists from Duke University studying humpback whales and their feeding behaviors. I was able to join both research teams and share the information with students, colleagues and the community. Connecting directly with scientists in the field has not only increased my personal knowledge of polar science, but has been invaluable to my teaching efforts. While in the Arctic, I was able to conduct a telephone conference with my students and the lead scientist via the satellite phone. From Antarctica I connected with several classes from Fairhope High School in a “Live from Antarctica” video conference. I was able to take them on a “virtual tour” of Palmer Station and Dr. O’Brien and Dr. Crockett answered student questions about Antarctic Fish. During both expeditions, I maintained a daily blog that enable my students to follow along with my research experience. Being able to bring the most current scientific research into the classroom with these expeditions has been inspiring for the students, colleagues and community.
UR: www.armadaproject.org
DE: [0805] EDUCATION / Elementary and secondary education
SC: Education and Human Resources (ED)
MN: 2010 Fall Meeting