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2010 Fall Meeting

Education and Human Resources

Friday Afternoon 1

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1340 ED53A Poster Hall (Moscone South) Teacher Professional Development Programs Promoting Authentic Scientific Research in the Classroom III Posters (joint with A, B, C, IN, GP, GC, H, OS, P, S, SM, SH, T, V)
Presiding: S M Pompea, Natl Optical Astronomy Obs; C E Walker, National Optical Astronomy Observatory; G Scowcroft, University of Rhode Island
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1340 ED53A-0509 Poster Hall (Moscone South) Students As Researchers In An Inquiry Based Classroom
*D L Quintero
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1340 ED53A-0510 Poster Hall (Moscone South) The ARMADA Project: Bringing Oceanography and the Arctic to the Midwest
*J Pazol
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1340 ED53A-0511 Poster Hall (Moscone South) URI's ARMADA Research Experience Leads to Inspiring Middle School Students to Become Ocean Stewards
*M Barrett
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1340 ED53A-0512 Poster Hall (Moscone South) The “Adopt A Microbe” project: Web-based interactive education connected with scientific ocean drilling
*B N Orcutt, D Bowman, A Turner, K E Inderbitzen, A T Fisher, L W Peart, Title of Team: IODP Expedition 327 Shipboard Party
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1340 ED53A-0513 Poster Hall (Moscone South) Deep ocean research meets the special education classroom
*A Turner, M Turner, K J Edwards, Title of Team: Scientific Team of IODP Expedition 327
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1340 ED53A-0514 Poster Hall (Moscone South) Trials at Sea: Successful Implementation of a Unique Two-Month Professional Development Program
*L W Peart, B N Orcutt, A T Fisher, T Tsuji, K E Petronotis, Title of Team: IODP Expedition 327 Participants
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1340 ED53A-0515 Poster Hall (Moscone South) A Virtual ANDRILLian Experience for Your Classroom
*M Sutton
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1340 ED53A-0516 Poster Hall (Moscone South) NSF RET in Southern Africa: community and research experiences in soil science
*N Mladenov, A Pollard, R Wellbeloved-Stone, H Riffel, D Chavarro, P D'Odorico
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1340 ED53A-0517 Poster Hall (Moscone South) Making Accurate Topographic Maps of the Schoolyard Using Ideas and Techniques Learned and Adapted from Multi-beam Sonar Mapping of the Arctic Ocean
*S I Fuerst, J D Roberts
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1340 ED53A-0518 Poster Hall (Moscone South) The Examining Your Environment through the Power of Data Project (EYE-POD) Project at NAU: Professional Development for Secondary Education Teachers Using Earth Sciences and GIS
*J C Sample, L Rubino-Hare, J Claesgens, K Fredrickson, M Manone, M White
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1340 ED53A-0519 Poster Hall (Moscone South) Starting with Teachers: Bringing GIS technology to the secondary classroom
*J Claesgens, L Rubino-Hare, J C Sample, K Fredrickson, M Manone
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1340 ED53A-0520 Poster Hall (Moscone South) Geospatial Education: Working with the NASA Airborne Science Program
*C M Lockwood, L Handley, N Handley
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1340 ED53A-0521 Poster Hall (Moscone South) Inspired by Fieldwork: A Teacher Research Experience Energizes and Ignites a Group of Elementary Students
*C H Munroe
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1340 ED53A-0522 Poster Hall (Moscone South) Short-term data collection projects: A means to increase teacher content knowledge and bring authentic research experiences into the classroom
*M Gaboardi, W Parker, D Rodriguez
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1340 ED53A-0523 Poster Hall (Moscone South) Monitoring Anthropogenic Carbon, A Classroom Research Project
*D Reese, K Wedel, T P Guilderson
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1340 ED53A-0524 Poster Hall (Moscone South) Preparing K-8 Teachers to Conduct Inquiry Oriented Science Education
*N A Gross, P Garik, M D Nolan, C Winrich, D DeRosa, A Duffy, M Jariwala, B Konjoian
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1340 ED53A-0525 Poster Hall (Moscone South) Master of Science Teaching: Encouraging Teachers and their Students in Research
*P H Reiff
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1340 ED53A-0526 Poster Hall (Moscone South) Rescuing Middle School Astronomy
*L A Mayo, D Janney
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1340 ED53A-0527 Poster Hall (Moscone South) GAVRT and Radio Jove: Partners in K-12 Science Teacher Training
C A Higgins, *J R Thieman, B Nakamura, R Dorcey
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1340 ED53A-0528 Poster Hall (Moscone South) Using Telescopic Observations to Explore the Science of AGN with High School Students
*K M McLin, L R Cominsky
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1340 ED53A-0529 Poster Hall (Moscone South) An Astrobiology Summer Program for High School Teachers and Students
*J Cola, L D Williams, E Gaucher, T Snell
1340 ED53A-0530 Poster Hall (Moscone South) The Impact of Positive Role Models on the Success of Students Involved in Original Scientific Research
*J M Danch
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