Session Information

2010 Fall Meeting

Education and Human Resources

Friday Morning 2

Time Session Location Title
1020 ED52A 102 (Moscone South) Teacher Professional Development Programs Promoting Authentic Scientific Research in the Classroom II
Presiding: S M Pompea, Natl Optical Astronomy Obs; C E Walker, National Optical Astronomy Observatory; G Scowcroft, University of Rhode Island
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1020 ED52A-01 102 (Moscone South) Improving Geoscience Education through the PolarTREC Teacher Research Experience Model (Invited)
*J Warburton, K Timm, A M Larson
1035 ED52A-02 102 (Moscone South) Polar Science: From the Field to the Classroom (Invited)
M O'Neill, *K O'Brien
1050 ED52A-03 102 (Moscone South) Young Engineers and Scientists (YES) 2010 - Engaging Teachers in Space Research
*D C Boice, P H Reiff
1105 ED52A-04 102 (Moscone South) STaRRS in Yellowstone: Addressing Challenges Facing Student-Teacher-Scientist Partnerships
*A Houseal, R Gallagher, B Fuhrmann, R Sanford
1120 ED52A-05 102 (Moscone South) Pacific CRYSTAL Teacher Professional Development Models: Lessons Learned
*E Van der Flier-Keller, L Yore
1135 ED52A-06 102 (Moscone South) Using Participatory Exploration to Engage Classrooms in STEM Learning: A Case Study Using NASA's Mars Student Imaging Project
*S L Klug, P R Christensen, P Graff, M Viotti, C Bowman
1150 ED52A-07 102 (Moscone South) Bringing Students out of the Classroom and into Research Projects: An Undergraduate Team Research (UTR) Program at the University of Southern California
*I V Cox, M Quirk, K N Culbert, A S Whitesides, H Sun, C J Black, W Cao, T Zhang, S R Paterson, V Memeti, J L Anderson
1205 ED52A-08 102 (Moscone South) Scaffolding Pre-Service Teachers’ Learning to Conduct Authentic Research with Real-Data
*T F Slater, D J Lyons, S J Slater, Title of Team: Center for Astronomy & Physics Education Research CAPER Team