Session Information

2010 Fall Meeting

Education and Human Resources

Friday Morning 1

Time Session Location Title
0800 ED51B 102 (Moscone South) Teacher Professional Development Programs Promoting Authentic Scientific Research in the Classroom I (joint with A, B, C, IN, GP, GC, H, OS, P, S, SM, SH, T, V)
Presiding: S M Pompea, Natl Optical Astronomy Obs; C E Walker, National Optical Astronomy Observatory; G Scowcroft, University of Rhode Island
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0800 ED51B-01 102 (Moscone South) Research in the Classroom with the WISE Mission (Invited)
*B J Mendez
0815 ED51B-02 102 (Moscone South) Seismology in Schools an integrated approach to funding developing and implementing a coordinated programme for teachers and high school students
*T A Blake, A G Jones, G Campbell
0830 ED51B-03 102 (Moscone South) Research experience in Maine leads to teacher and student success in Texas
*D Slade-Redden, L Incze, Title of Team: Census of Marine Life - Maine
0845 ED51B-04 102 (Moscone South) Connecting Teachers and Students with Science Experts: NASA’s Expedition Earth and Beyond Program
*P V Graff, W L Stefanov, K J Willis, S Runco, T McCollum, M Baker, M Mailhot, C F Lindgren
0900 ED51B-05 102 (Moscone South) Teacher Research Experience Programs = Increase in Student Achievement
*J Dubner
0915 ED51B-06 102 (Moscone South) A Physics MOSAIC: Scientific Skills and Explorations for Students
*S May, C Clements, P J Erickson, A Rogers
0930 ED51B-07 102 (Moscone South) Piles of Rocks Create Mountains of Understanding; The Fossil Finders Model for success in Earth Science Education
*M A Pella-Donnelly, B Daley, B Crawford Ph.D
0945 ED51B-08 102 (Moscone South) Teacher/Researcher Projects: The Perfect Merger
*M Sutton, K Achilles