2009 Fall Meeting          
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HR: 1050h
AN: ED42A-03
TI: Creating the EPO Quilt: Using small money to sustain large programs
AU: Cobabe-Ammann, E A
EM: ecobabe@spaceeducation.org
AF: Emily A. CoBabe & Assoc., Boulder, CO, United States
AU: Wood, E L
EM: erin.wood@lasp.colorado.edu
AF: CU/LASP, Boulder, CO, United States
AB: Creating sustainable science education programs on limited dollars is both an art and a science that many of us are trying to master. In some situations, educational professionals can build regional and national programs by ‘sewing’ together several disparate pots of money to create a larger program, sometimes with national reach. The programs can then be sustained using the same model of combining opportunities. The key to effectively using this strategy involves creating programs that are flexible, either in their scope or their content, so that they can take advantage of varied opportunities. In addition, programs that meet national standards and are fully evaluated are more easily sustainable as time goes on, since the reach of the program can broaden and efficacy of the program can be demonstrated. Here we present successful examples of how to create this quilt in the areas of space weather, climate change and engineering education.
DE: [0805] EDUCATION / Elementary and secondary education
SC: Education and Human Resources (ED)
MN: 2009 Fall Meeting