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HR: 1510h
AN: ED33D-03
TI: Teacher Research Programs Participation Improves Student Achievement in Science
AU: Dubner, J
EM: jd109@columbia.edu
AF: Columbia University, New York, NY, United States
AB: Research experience programs engage teachers in the hands-on practice of science. Program advocates assert that program participation enhances teachers’ skills in communicating science to students. We have measured the impact of New York City public high school science teacher participation in Columbia University’s Summer Research Program for Science Teachers on their students’ academic performance in science. In the year prior to program entry, students of participating and non-participating teachers passed a New York State Regents science examination at the same rate. In years three and four following program entry, participating teachers’ students passed Regents science exams at a higher rate (p = 0.049) than non-participating teachers’ students. Other program benefits include decreased teacher attrition from classroom teaching and school cost savings.
UR: http://www.ScienceTeacherProgram.org
DE: [0805] EDUCATION / Elementary and secondary education
DE: [0830] EDUCATION / Teacher training
DE: [0840] EDUCATION / Evaluation and assessment
SC: Education and Human Resources (ED)
MN: 2009 Fall Meeting