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2008 Fall Meeting

Education and Human Resources


Tuesday Morning 2

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1020 ED22A MC 3011 Teacher Professional Development Programs Promoting Authentic Scientific Research in the Classroom II

Presiding: G Scowcroft, University of Rhode Island; S M Pompea, National Optical Astronomy Observatory; C E Walker, Constance Walker
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1020 ED22A-01 MC 3011 The Cosmic Ray Observatory Project: A Statewide Outreach and Education Experiment in Nebraska
*G Snow, D Claes
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1035 ED22A-02 MC 3011 Teacher Research Programs: An Effective Form of Professional Development to Increase Student Achievement and Benefit the Economy
*J Dubner
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1050 ED22A-03 MC 3011 Bringing Experience from the Field into the Classroom with the NOAA Teacher at Sea and PolarTREC Teacher Research Experience Programs
*E D Eubanks, S Kohin, S Oberbauer
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1105 ED22A-04 MC 3011 Taking Broader Impacts to Another Level: Researcher Benefits from Teacher Researcher Experience Collaborations
*J Warburton, K M Timm, R M Holmes, C Geiger, B Lefer
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1120 ED22A-05 MC 3011 Bringing Real-Life Marine Science Experience to the Classroom: Results From a Teacher in the Bering Sea
*J A Karavias, R P Kelly
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1135 ED22A-06 MC 3011 Lessons Learned in Supporting Student and Teacher Research at NOAO
*S M Pompea
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1150 ED22A-07 MC 3011 Teachers as Researchers: Using Estuarine Processes to Learn and Teach Earth System Interactions
*J Johnson, R K Varner, J Bryce, L Finkel, E Froburg, K Graham, S R Hale, K Von Damm, T Scientific Crew
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1205 ED22A-08 MC 3011 Developing a High School Astronomy Research Program
*J J Adkins
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