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2008 Fall Meeting

Education and Human Resources

Monday Afternoon 1

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1340 ED13C MC Hall D Teacher Professional Development Programs Promoting Authentic Scientific Research in the Classroom I Posters

Presiding: G Scowcroft, University of Rhode Island; C E Walker, Constance Walker
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1340 ED13C-0612 MC Hall D Real-Life Science Research: NYC Inner City Middle School-UNY Collaboration.
*M A de Angelis, G Fennelly
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1340 ED13C-0613 MC Hall D Methods of Science Investigation Part 2: Results of Implementation of a Curriculum Fostering Original Scientific Research
*J M Danch
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1340 ED13C-0614 MC Hall D Downhill Connections: How Does Development Impact Southeastern Watersheds? COSEE-SE Professional Development Opportunity Links Scientists with Educators
*E Vernon
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1340 ED13C-0615 MC Hall D PolarTREC: Successful Methods and Tools for Attaining Broad Educational Impacts with Interdisciplinary Polar Science
*J Warburton, K M Timm, R Owens, W K Warnick
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*B N Rock, M Gagnon
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1340 ED13C-0617 MC Hall D A Teachers at Sea Program on Board the R-V Marion Dufresne (IPEV) in the Atlantic Ocean.
*C Laj, H Leau
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1340 ED13C-0618 MC Hall D Graduate student involvement with designing inquiry-based Earth science field projects for the secondary-level classroom
*J M McDermott, L Scherf, S Ward, P Cady, J Bromley, R K Varner, E Froburg
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1340 ED13C-0619 MC Hall D I-LLINI Partnerships for 21st Century Teachers
*K Read, K Wong, D J Charlevoix, J Tomkin, B Hug, M Williams, E Pianfetti
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1340 ED13C-0620 MC Hall D An Inquiry Approach to Fostering Stronger Earth Science Backgrounds in Current and Future Middle and High School Science Teachers: Research Techniques as Mechanisms of Teaching Time Scales and Systems Interactions in the Earth System
*J G Bryce, E Finkel, E Froburg, K Graham, S Hale, J E Johnson, R K Varner, K L Von Damm, T fellows
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1340 ED13C-0621 MC Hall D MRO's HiRISE Education and Public Outreach during the Primary Science Phase
*V C Gulick, A K Davatzes, G Deardorff, B Kanefsky, L B Conrad, H Team
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1340 ED13C-0622 MC Hall D Bring the Process of Science to Life! Use Galileo's Historic Observations to Celebrate the International Year of Astronomy 2009
*T Roelofsen Moody, W van der Veen, J Manning, V White, J Erickson
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