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HR: 0800h
AN: ED21A-0090
TI: Connecting Texas to the Poles - IPY outreach at the University of Texas Institute for Geophysics
AU: * Stevenoski, S
EM: stevenossj@wrps.org
AF: Lincoln High School, 1801 16th Street South, Wisconsin Rapids, WI 54494,
AU: Lawver, L
EM: lawver@utig.ig.utexas.edu
AF: Jacskon School of Geosciences - Institute for Geophysics, University of Texas at Austin, 10100 Burnet Road, Austin, TX 78758,
AB: This outreach effort at UTIG targets high school teachers and students during the International Polar Year. Four individual activities were designed using a constructivist approach. The activities were integrated into a new website at UTIG specifically designed to help researchers connect with students and teachers. The website and activities serve as a starting point for the scientists to potentially get more involved with individual classrooms and traditional professional science organizations. Students will use accepted scientific knowledge, models, and theories to explain their results and to raise further questions about their investigations. Students will state what they have learned from investigations, relating their inferences to scientific knowledge and to data they have collected. They will explain their data and conclusions in ways that allow others to understand the inquiry that they have conducted. The activities are based upon data sets modified for student use from the UT Polar science community. These Polar data sets will complement student data acquired during the hands on activities central to the student inquiry lessons. The activities are range from traditional classroom lab investigations to Internet based georeferencing and mapping. Researchers and graduate students were actively involved in the development of the final products to insure the accuracy of the science and data used.
UR: http://www.ig.utexas.edu/ipy
DE: 0805 Elementary and secondary education
DE: 0815 Informal education
DE: 3040 Plate tectonics (8150, 8155, 8157, 8158)
SC: Education and Human Resources [ED]
MN: 2007 Fall Meeting