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2007 Fall Meeting

Education and Human Resources

Tuesday Morning 1

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0800 ED21B MW 2002 Teacher Professional Development Programs Promoting Authentic Scientific Research in the Classroom I

Presiding: C E Walker, National Optical Astronomy Observatory; S K Croft, National Optical Astronomy Observatory; G Scowcroft, University of Rhode Island
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0800 ED21B-01 MW 2002 Authentic Research Immersion Experiences: the Key to Enduring Understandings
*S L Klug
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0818 ED21B-02 MW 2002 Connecting Arctic/Antarctic Researchers and Educators (CARE): Supporting Teachers and Researchers Beyond the Research Experience
*J Warburton, W K Warnick, K Breen, K Fischer, H Wiggins
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0832 ED21B-03 MW 2002 Quality Science Teacher Professional Development and Student Achievement
*J Dubner
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0846 ED21B-04 MW 2002 Authentic Experience and Community: CIRES Earthworks Workshops for Science Teachers
T J Weston, *S M Buhr, L K Smith
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0900 ED21B-05 MW 2002 A Teacher Research Experience: Promoting Science Literacy
*L McMinn
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0918 ED21B-06 MW 2002 Space Weather Around the World: Using Educational Technology to Engage Teachers and Students in Science Research
E Lewis, T Cline, *J Thieman
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0932 ED21B-07 MW 2002 From the Ice Sheet at Summit, Greenland to the Earth Science Classroom: Science Research in the Arctic Applied in Middle School Science.
*J Dodds, M Albert, B Lefer
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0946 ED21B-08 MW 2002 Students As Researchers In An Inquiry Based Classroom
*D L Quintero
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