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2006 Fall Meeting

Education and Human Resources

Monday Afternoon 1

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1340 ED13A MCW Level 2 Teacher Professional Development Programs Promoting Authentic Scientific Research in the Classroom III Posters
(joint with A, GP, H, OS, P, PP, S, SH, V, C, GC, PA, MR, NS)
Presiding: C E Walker, National Optical Astronomy Observatory; S K Croft, National Optical Astronomy Observatory; V Robigou, University of Washington; G Scowcroft, University of Rhode Island
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1340 ED13A-1202 MCW Level 2 Bridging Communities: Culturing a Professional Learning Community that Supports Novice Teachers and Transfers Authentic Science and Mathematics to the Classroom
*B E Herbert, H R Miller, C L Loving, S Pedersen
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1340 ED13A-1203 MCW Level 2 PolarTREC-Teachers and Researchers Exploring and Collaborating: Bringing Polar Research to the Classroom
W K Warnick, J Warburton, *K Breen, H V Wiggins, A Larson, S Behr
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1340 ED13A-1204 MCW Level 2 High-Altitude Balloon Launches for Effective Education, Inspiration and Research
*H D Voss, J Dailey, D Patterson, J Krueger
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1340 ED13A-1205 MCW Level 2 Short-Term Research Experiences with Teachers in Earth and Planetary Sciences and a Model for Integrating Research into Classroom Inquiry
*P Morgan, J W Bloom
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1340 ED13A-1206 MCW Level 2 Is there a correlation between teaching experience and the level of inquiry used in the classroom
*S Hilding-Kronforst, J Schielack
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1340 ED13A-1207 MCW Level 2 Inspiring Students to be Scientists: Oceanographic Research Journeys of a Middle School Teacher
*E Paulishak
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1340 ED13A-1208 MCW Level 2 Climate History of the Southern San Joaquin Valley of California, USA: Authentic Paleoclimate Research with K-12 Teachers
*D Baron, R M Negrini, M R Palacios-Fest, K Auffant
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1340 ED13A-1209 MCW Level 2 Creating Authentic Research Centers In Secondary Classrooms And Retaining The Best Science Teachers
*D Rodriguez, R M McHenry
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1340 ED13A-1210 MCW Level 2 Methods of Science Investigation: A New Curriculum Fostering Original Scientific Research
*J M Danch, B O'Lone, F Darytichen
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1340 ED13A-1211 MCW Level 2 Sampling and Studying Permafrost in Alaska and on Mars: Mars Arctic Regions Science Field Experience for Secondary Teachers (MARSFEST)
*J M Keller, S R Buxner, T A Douglas, D A Lombardi, A J Shaner
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1340 ED13A-1212 MCW Level 2 The Mysteries of Seamounts: Case Study Results of a Teacher Research Experience
*E E Hjelm
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1340 ED13A-1213 MCW Level 2 The Southern California Earthquake Center/Undergraduate Studies in Earthquake Information Technology (SCEC/UseIT) Internship Program
*S Perry, T Jordan
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1340 ED13A-1214 MCW Level 2 Creating A Culture Of Scientific Inquiry Through Research Experiences For Teachers And Students
*N Kanjorski, M Hall
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1340 ED13A-1215 MCW Level 2 When the teacher becomes the researcher: Outcomes and lessons from the Earthworks professional development workshops
*S M Buhr, S E Lynds, L K Smith
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1340 ED13A-1216 MCW Level 2 OceanGLOBE: an Outdoor Research and Environmental Education Program for K-12 Students
*R B Perry, W M Hamner
1340 ED13A-1217 MCW Level 2 Astronomy in Research-Based Science Education (A-RBSE): A Review of a Decade of Professional Development Programs in Support of Teacher and Student Research at the National Optical Astronomy Observatory
*S M Pompea, C D Garmany, C E Walker, S K Croft
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1340 ED13A-1218 MCW Level 2 Reaching Michigan Earth Science Teachers and Students With Data From the Deep
*H Kortlandt, K St. John
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1340 ED13A-1219 MCW Level 2 Earth System Science Education Alliance
*R Myers, T Schwerin
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1340 ED13A-1220 MCW Level 2 Earth2Class: Assessing Interactions Between Research Scientists and Classroom Teachers
*M J Passow, G Iturrino, C M Assumpcao, F D Baggio
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