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2006 Fall Meeting

Education and Human Resources

Monday Morning 2

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1020 ED12A MCW 3022 Teacher Professional Development Programs Promoting Authentic Scientific Research in the Classroom II
(joint with A, GP, H, OS, P, PP, S, SH, V, C, GC, PA, MR, NS)
Presiding: S K Croft, National Optical Astronomy Observatory; V Robigou, University of Washington
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1030 ED12A-01 MCW 3022 Teacher Field Research Experiences: Building and Maintaining the Passion for K-12 Science Education
*K Dunton, S Schonberg
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1050 ED12A-02 MCW 3022 Teacher Research Experiences: What We Have Learned and What We Need to Know
*G A Scowcroft, C W Knowlton
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1105 ED12A-03 MCW 3022 Using my ARMADA Research Experience to Enhance Teaching
*M Harris
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1120 ED12A-04 MCW 3022 Teachers Learning to Teach Science by Doing Science at the University of Arizona
*K L Mangin, R M Thompson, M Wilch
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1135 ED12A-05 MCW 3022 Issues Surrounding the Evaluation of Teacher Internship Programs
*D Barrett
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1150 ED12A-06 MCW 3022 From the Seafloor to the Pool: Teaching Science in Idaho Using GIS and Lessons from the Undersea
*J Dodds, D Glickson, V Robigou
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1205 ED12A-07 MCW 3022 Determining Earth's magnetic field strength during magnetically quiet and stormy times and predict the location of dancing Auroras using THEMIS Mission Educators ground based magnetometer data.
N Craig, *L Peticolas, V Trautman
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