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2006 Fall Meeting

Education and Human Resources

Monday Morning 1

Time Session Location Title
0800 ED11C MCW 3022 Teacher Professional Development Programs Promoting Authentic Scientific Research in the Classroom I
(joint with A, GP, H, OS, P, PP, S, SH, C, PA, MR, NS)
Presiding: C E Walker, National Optical Astronomy Observatory; G Scowcroft, University of Rhode Island
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0810 ED11C-01 MCW 3022 Bringing Real-time Astronomical Observations into the Classroom
*L Cominsky
INVITED   Abstract | Presentation Files
0830 ED11C-02 MCW 3022 Research Experiences for Teachers: The Impacts on Their Students and the Economy
*J Dubner
  Abstract | Presentation Files
0845 ED11C-03 MCW 3022 Climate Literacy Through Student-Teacher-Scientist Research Partnerships
F Niepold IIID Brooks, B Lefer, A Linsley, *K Duckenfield
  Abstract | Presentation Files
0900 ED11C-04 MCW 3022 A New Educational Scaffolding Approach to Support Authentic Solar Research in the Classroom
N Demuth, *C E Walker, D M Isbell, S M Pompea
  Abstract | Presentation Files
0915 ED11C-05 MCW 3022 Bringing Authentic Mars Research into the Classroom: Professional Development that Translates into Student Success
*S L Klug, P R Christensen, P Graff, B Grigsby
  Abstract | Presentation Files
0930 ED11C-06 MCW 3022 A Teacher Research Experience: Immersion Into the World of Practicing Ocean Scientists
*D L Payne
  Abstract | Presentation Files
0945 ED11C-07 MCW 3022 Out Among the Asteroids—Research Experiences for Middle School
*S K Croft, S M Pompea
  Abstract | Presentation Files