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HR: 12:05h
AN: ED12A-07
TI: Determining Earth's magnetic field strength during magnetically quiet and stormy times and predict the location of dancing Auroras using THEMIS Mission Educators ground based magnetometer data.
AU: Craig, N
EM: ncraig@ssl.berkeley.edu
AF: Space Sciences Lab. UC Berkeley, 7 Gauss Way MC-7450, Berkeley, CA 94720-7450
AU: * Peticolas, L
EM: laura@ssl.berkeley.edu
AF: Space Sciences Lab. UC Berkeley, 7 Gauss Way MC-7450, Berkeley, CA 94720-7450
AU: Trautman, V
EM: vtrautman@psgsd.k12.ak.us
AF: Petersburg City Schools, PO Box 289, Petersburg, AK 99833-0289
AB: The Education and Public Outreach program of the THEMIS Mission has deployed 10 ground-based observatories with science-grade magnetometers in schools in the Northern U.S. This network of schools, called Geomagnetic Event Observation Network by Students (GEONS), monitors local magnetic disturbances. The magnetometers are receiving local data; data are archived and available at the THEMIS E/PO Website. The E/PO program conducts teacher professional development workshops for the teachers of these schools. During the third year of the project, teachers from Alaska and Wisconsin started their classroom research using magnetometers that are installed in their classrooms. We will describe how with highly committed and enthusiastic teachers a research project developed to determine the strength of the local magnetic field in locations such as AK and WI and to compare these results with "companion schools" at lower latitudes. The GEONS teachers not only learned science and research tools, but they also conducted workshops in their own states, influenced the science curricula in their districts, and also started student research in their classrooms. We will discuss the challenges, give the results of their research, and encourage other teachers who wish to use real data in their classrooms to participate in this exciting project.
UR: http://ds9.ssl.berkeley.edu/themis/classroom_geons_data.html
DE: 0830 Teacher training
DE: 0850 Geoscience education research
SC: Education and Human Resources [ED]
MN: 2006 Fall Meeting