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HR: 08:10h
TI: Bringing Real-time Astronomical Observations into the Classroom
AU: * Cominsky, L
EM: lynnc@universe.sonoma.edu
AF: Sonoma State University, Dept. of Physics and Astronomy 1801 East Cotati Avenue, Rohnert Park, CA 94928 United States
AB: The Sonoma State University Education and Public Outreach group (SSU E/PO) coordinates the Global Telescope Network (GTN) - an informal association of scientists, students, individuals and observatories interested in supporting NASA's Gamma-ray Large Area Space Telescope (GLAST) and Swift missions, as well as the joint ESA/NASA XMM-Newton mission. Partners and associates in the GTN obtain and reduce ground based observations for objects related to the primary science goals for these missions and work together with NASA mission scientists to conduct multi-wavelength studies of exotic objects such as monstrous black holes, and highly-magnetized neutron stars and white dwarfs. The Global Telescope Network provides hands-on classroom activities and engaging instructional materials for a range of levels and interests, including Cookie Cutter Photometry and Jelly Bean Spectroscopy. We also provide mentoring in research practices, telescope use, data analysis and other educational resources. Examples of ongoing research projects will be presented, and the educational resources available through the GTN will be discussed.
UR: http://gtn.sonoma.edu
DE: 0805 Elementary and secondary education
DE: 0830 Teacher training
DE: 0845 Instructional tools
SC: Education and Human Resources [ED]
MN: 2006 Fall Meeting