HR: 1340h
AN: ED23A-1248    [Abstracts]
TI: Teacher's Guide to Modern Geography Project
AU: * Lee, J
AF: Association of American Geographers, 1710 16th Street NW, Washington, DC 20009 United States
AB: The Association of American Geographers is currently developing a Teacher­_s Guide to Modern Geography (TGMG), funded by FIPSE in the US Department of Education. The primary aim of the teacher's guide is to improve the preparation of teachers in the pre-service state of the teacher professional continuum (including student teaching), when very few teachers actually major in geography. TGMG uses real-world issues to integrate content and skills in geography, math, science, and other subjects, with explicit connections to state standards across the curriculum. The TGMG project is producing a variety of print and digital materials for pre-service and in-service teacher preparation programs. For example, a multimedia CD with animated instructional units that deal with the analytical skills in the National Geography Standards, such as measuring direction, distance, slope, and density; analyzing map patterns and making rigorous map comparisons; formulating and testing hypotheses; identifying exceptions to patterns predicted by hypotheses; and buffering, overlaying, windowing, and other methods of spatial analysis. To evaluate the effectiveness of the materials, a spatial skills test has been developed and tested.
DE: 0825 Teaching methods
DE: 0830 Teacher training
DE: 0840 Evaluation and assessment
SC: Education and Human Resources [ED]
MN: Fall Meeting 2005