HR: 08:00h
AN: ED21B-01    [Abstracts]
TI: Preliminary Report from the 2005 Conference on Teacher Research Experiences
AF: University of Rhode Island, South Ferry Rd, Narragansett, RI 02882
AU: Knowlton, C
AF: University of Rhode Island, South Ferry Rd, Narragansett, RI 02882
AB: There is a clearly expressed need from the field for a coordination of efforts and a sharing of best practices among institutions and projects providing teacher research experiences for K-12 science educators. To address these needs, over 100 participants from 30 Teacher Research Experience (TRE) Projects met at the University of Rhode Island in April 2005 to participate in the Conference on Teacher Research Experiences (CTRE). Three member teams from each project included principle investigators, project directors and evaluators, teachers, scientists, and other professionals engaged in TREs. The CTRE goals were to: 1.) initiate a community of professionals that engage in TREs; 2.) build a foundation of best practices for TREs; 3.) work toward standardizing teacher mentoring activities; 4.) establish connections and collaborations between projects; 5.) provide opportunities for meeting individual project challenges. This presentation will discuss conference results as well as highlight data collected from the participating projects describing project design elements, successes, and needs. There are common experiences shared by those participating in TREs that help to build an informed and supportive professional community.
DE: 0805 Elementary and secondary education
DE: 0830 Teacher training
DE: 0840 Evaluation and assessment
SC: Education and Human Resources [ED]
MN: Fall Meeting 2005