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2005 Fall Meeting

Education and Human Resources


Tuesday Afternoon 1

Time Session Location Title
1340 ED23A MCC Level 2 Teacher Professional Development Programs Promoting Authentic Scientific Research in the Classroom III Posters
(joint with A, GP, OS, P, S, V, C, GC)
Presiding: C E Walker, National Optical Astronomy Observatory; S K Croft, National Optical Astronomy Observatory
1340 ED23A-1232 MCC Level 2 Development of a Science Research Program for Special Needs Students
*J M Danch
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1340 ED23A-1233 MCC Level 2 Design and Implementation of an Evaluation Methodology for the NASA Faculty Fellowship Program (NFFP)
*M G Estes Jr., M Miller, M Freeman, C Watson, M Khalkho, T Smith
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1340 ED23A-1234 MCC Level 2 The Role of University Science Faculty in Promoting Meaningful Educational Change Through Inservice Teacher Professional Development
*D A Schuster
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1340 ED23A-1235 MCC Level 2 Field Studies in Science Teacher Preparation Programs: Examples of Research-Oriented Earth and Environmental Science Field Projects for Pre-service and In-service Teachers
*M L O'Neal
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1340 ED23A-1236 MCC Level 2 Using Teacher-Generated Ecological Models to Assess Knowledge Gained During Teacher Training
*M Dresner, A Moldenke
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1340 ED23A-1237 MCC Level 2 Lessons Learned From Studying The Effects Of Forest Fires With High School Students
*N Kanjorski, M Hall, F Sundberg
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1340 ED23A-1238 MCC Level 2 GLOBE at Night: Scientific Research outside of the Classroom
*S Henderson, C E Walker, E Geary, S M Pompea
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1340 ED23A-1239 MCC Level 2 My Teacher got a Trip to Kitt Peak Observatory, but all I got was This Lousy Data CD: Lessons Learned in Optimizing a Teacher Professional Development Program for Solar Research
*C E Walker, F Hill, C Plymate
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1340 ED23A-1240 MCC Level 2 Teacher and Student Research Using Large Data Sets
*S K Croft, S M Pompea, R T Sparks
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1340 ED23A-1241 MCC Level 2 Earth2Class Overview: An Innovative Program Linking Classroom Educators and Research Scientists
*M Passow, G J Iturrino, F D Baggio, C M Assumpcao
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1340 ED23A-1242 MCC Level 2 School of Rock: An Ocean-going, Hands-on Research Expedition for Earth and Ocean Science Teachers
*L Peart, M Niemitz, A Klaus, M Leckie, D Houpt, B Hamlin, L Crowder, J Firth, P Weiss, C Peng, S Slough
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1340 ED23A-1243 MCC Level 2 PreService Teacher Course in Physical Oceanography
A Hammon, *R Raskin
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1340 ED23A-1244 MCC Level 2 From the Bottom of the Sea to the Center of the Classroom - REVEL Teacher Falicitates Authentic Student Research in the Classroom.
*D Young, V Robigou
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1340 ED23A-1245 MCC Level 2 NSF GK-12 Fellows as Mentors for K-12 Teachers Participating in Field Research Experiences
*K Ellins, E Perry
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1340 ED23A-1246 MCC Level 2 Transferring Knowledge Gained From a Field Experience in Tierra del Fuego, the Uttermost Part of the Earth, to Central Texas Science Classrooms
*C Ormiston, N Dovzak, S Anderson, E Perry, K Ellins, D Tingle, P Knettel, S Redding, K Odle
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1340 ED23A-1247 MCC Level 2 Assessment of the CATTS Students Across Borders Program: Implications for other GK-12 Programs
*A C Reynolds, N L Regens, F Gray, L C Hartstone, C Donovan
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1340 ED23A-1248 MCC Level 2 Teacher's Guide to Modern Geography Project
*J Lee
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1340 ED23A-1249 MCC Level 2 ERESE Professional Development in Science Education: A collaboration of scientists, teachers, and information technologists
*H Staudigel, M Helly, C Massel Symons, A Koppers, J Helly, S Miller
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1340 ED23A-1250 MCC Level 2 Professional Development at ERESE: Refining the inquiry process and moving towards a modularized templeate
M Helly, *C Massell Symons, J Reining, H Staudigel, A Koppers, J Helly, S Miller
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1340 ED23A-1251 MCC Level 2 The ERESE Workshop: a Unique Opportunity for Collaboration Between Classroom Teacher and Research Scientist
*C M Symons, M Helly, H Staudigel, A Koppers, J Reining, J Helly, S Miller
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1340 ED23A-1252 MCC Level 2 Three High-Tech High Seniors Join the Alia Expedition to Samoa: Science and Science Education
*B English, R Delaney, D Staudigel, H Staudigel, A Koppers, S Hart
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1340 ED23A-1253 MCC Level 2 High Seas High Schoolers: Creating ERESE Content on an Expedition to Samoa
*R Delaney, B English, D Staudigel, H Staudigel, A Koppers, S Hart
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1340 ED23A-1254 MCC Level 2 The ERESE Project: Involving Teachers in the Online Generation and QA/QC of Enduring Teaching Resources
*A A Koppers, H Staudigel, M Keller, J Russell, J Helly, M Helly, S Miller, C Massell Symons
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1340 ED23A-1255 MCC Level 2 Metadata Exporter for Scientific Photography Management
*D Staudigel, B English, R Delaney, H Staudigel, A Koppers, S Hart
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