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2005 Fall Meeting

Education and Human Resources


Tuesday Morning 2

Time Session Location Title
1020 ED22A MCC 3022 Teacher Professional Development Programs Promoting Authentic Scientific Research in the Classroom II
(joint with A, GP, OS, P, S, V, C)
Presiding: C E Walker, National Optical Astronomy Observatory; G Scowcroft, University of Rhode Island
1020 ED22A-01 MCC 3022 Research Experiences for Science Teachers: The Impact On Their Students
*J Dubner
INVITED    [details]
1035 ED22A-02 MCC 3022 Spitzer Space Telescope Research Program for Teachers and Students
*D Daou
INVITED    [details] | [Presentation Files]
1050 ED22A-03 MCC 3022 Evolution of a Teacher Professional Development Program that Promotes Teacher and Student Research
*S M Pompea, S K Croft, C D Garmany, C E Walker
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1105 ED22A-04 MCC 3022 Teaching and Learning With Cosmic Rays and the QuarkNet /Cosmic Ray Data Portal
*K Whelan
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1120 ED22A-05 MCC 3022 The Cosmic Ray Observatory Project in Nebraska -- a education and research project to study extensive air showers
*G R Snow, D R Claes
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1135 ED22A-06 MCC 3022 Magnetic data in the classroom using a sustainable Education and Outreach program
*L M Peticolas, N Craig, S Odenwald, A Walker
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1150 ED22A-07 MCC 3022 Research-infused K-12 Science at the "Uttermost Part of the Earth:" An NSF GK-12 Fellow's Perspective
*E Perry, K Ellins, C Ormiston, N Dovzak, S Anderson, D Tingle, P Knettel, S Redding, K Odle, I Dalziel
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1205 ED22A-08 MCC 3022 SEAS (Student Experiments At Sea): Helping Teachers Foster Authentic Student Inquiry in the Science Classroom
*L Goehring, K Kelsey, J Carlson
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