Session Information

2005 Fall Meeting

Education and Human Resources


Tuesday Morning 1

Time Session Location Title
0800 ED21B MCC 3022 Teacher Professional Development Programs Promoting Authentic Scientific Research in the Classroom I
(joint with A, GP, OS, P, S, V, C)
Presiding: S K Croft, National Optical Astronomy Observatory; V Robigou, University of Washington
0800 ED21B-01 MCC 3022 Preliminary Report from the 2005 Conference on Teacher Research Experiences
*G A SCOWCROFT, C Knowlton
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0815 ED21B-02 MCC 3022 A Science Teacher Experience in the Sumatra Earthquake and Tsunami Offshore Survey Expedition of May 2005
*K Moran, S Holt, S Grilli
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0830 ED21B-03 MCC 3022 Impact of the REVEL Project: How Do Science Teachers Change by Doing Cutting-Edge Oceanographic Research?
M A Windschitl, *V Robigou
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0845 ED21B-04 MCC 3022 Research at Sea: A Program for Teachers in Using Observations to Develop Research Questions
*J Schell, P Joyce, P Harcourt
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0900 ED21B-05 MCC 3022 Across the Arctic Teachers Experience Field Research
W K Warnick, *J Warburton, H V Wiggins, S A Marshall, D A Darby
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0915 ED21B-06 MCC 3022 The Influence of a Teacher Research Experience on Elementary Teachers' Thinking and Instruction
*P J Dixon
0930 ED21B-07 MCC 3022 Program Qualities That Make a Field Research Experience Valuable to Classroom Teachers
*K Beckendorf, J Hammond, E McMahon, E Williams, T Bates
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0945 ED21B-08 MCC 3022 Georgia Teachers in Academic Laboratories: Research Experiences in the Geosciences
*D Barrett
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