The New Progress of the Starry Sky Project of China

Since the 28th General Assembly of IAU, the SSPC team made new progress:

  1. Enhanced the function of the SSPC team
    • Established the contact with IAU C50, IUCN Dark Skies Advisory Group, AWB and IDA,and undertakes the work of the IDA Beijing Chapter.
    • Got supports from China’s National Astronomical Observatories, Beijing Planetarium, and Shanghai Science and Technology Museum.
    • Signed cooperation agreements with Lighting Research Center, English Education Group and law Firm; formed the team force.
  2. Put forward a proposal to national top institution The SSPC submitted the first proposal about dark sky protection to the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference.
  3. Introduced the Criteria and Guideline of dark sky protection The SSPC team translated 8 documents of IDA, and provided a reference basis for Chinese dark sky protection.
  4. Actively establish dark sky places
    • Plan a Dark Sky Reserve around Ali astronomical observatory (5,100m elevation) in Tibet. China’s Xinhua News Agency released the news.
    • Combining with Hangcuo Lake, a National Natural Reserve and Scenic in Tibet, to plan and establish the Dark Sky Park.
    • Cooperated with Shandong Longgang Tourism Group to construct the Dream Sky Theme Park in the suburbs of Jinan city.

In the IYL 2015, the SSPC is getting further development: First, make dark sky protection enter National Ecological Strategy of “Beautiful China”. We call on: “Beautiful China” needs “Beautiful Night Sky”; China should care the shared starry sky, and left this resource and heritage for children. Second, hold “Cosmic Light” exhibition in Shanghai Science and Technology Museum on August.

Third, continue to establish Dark Sky Reserve, Park and Theme Park. We want to make these places become the bases of dark sky protection, astronomical education and ecological tourism, and develop into new cultural industry. Fourth, actively join international cooperation.

Now, “Blue Sky, White Cloud and Starry Sky “have become the common pursuit of Chinese society. In order to obtain this goal, the SSPC team would like to pay more efforts.

Xiaohua Wang

AUTHORS/INSTITUTIONS: X. Wang, Starry Sky Project of China, International Dark Sky Association Beijing Chapter, Beijing, CHINA


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