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AST Senior Review

The AST Senior Review is intended to find NSF resources for design and development of LSST, GSMT, and NVO, three vital facilities for the future. NOAO has made a submission to the review, “Focus on the Future”, which is reproduced here for community comment

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I very much appreciate the contributions of those who have already sent their input. These communications are included in appendices to the document that are not reproduced here. I also want to thank NOAO staff contributors to this submission to the Senior Review, including Joan Najita, Mark Dickinson, Tom Matheson, and Verne Smith.

Jeremy Mould

graph showing the fraction of total NSF Program Plan funds invested in decadal survey programs at NOAO

NOAO has almost reached the goal of investing 25% of program plan funds in decadal survey projects, even without including TSIP. The Senior Review’s announced purpose is to direct $30M out of $120M in AST facilities funding to these projects. 2001-2004 are actuals; 2005-2009 are planned, hence the ghosted histograms.


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