AD Passwords

You need a username/password account for several NOAO services: E-mail through our CommuniGatePro server, remote logins through our AnyConnect VPN connection, the NOAO-WiFi wireless system, and for logins into community servers such as Taurus and Crux and for all Windows and Mac computers connected to the Active Directory (AD). We use a common AD password system for most of these services; the same username and password is used for all.

Of course, we have rules. To be more precise, AURA has policies and we turn them into rules...

  1. Passwords must be between 14 and 120 characters.
  2. Passwords must use at least one upper case letter, one lower case letter, and one number, while special symbols are optional (spaces, @, or % are not permitted).
  3. New passwords must be different from previous ten passwords.
  4. The password may not contain the username or real name; e.g., a username of "tom" and real name of "Thomas Barnes" cannot use a password like RT14htom123$#^, RT14hthomas123$#^, or RT14hbarnes123$#^ .
  5. Only one password change per 24 hour period.
  6. Passwords expire in one year. You will receive email notification to change your password before expiration.
  7. Do not use email to communicate passwords!

New AURA Staff Members:

New staff members will receive a temporary (expires within 7 days) AD password at their orientation. A permanent AD password should be obtained within one week using the instructions below.

Please note: You must acknowledge via email to Human Resources that you have read the NOAO Cybersecurity and Acceptable Use Policy which can be found at:

Active Directory (AD) Accounts:

If you don't already have an AD username/password, please contact one of our friendly CIS staff (Sue Hayes, Rod Rutland, Mike Fleming, Mike Peralta, Steve Grandi) to have an AD account created for you. The password requirements are listed above. If you already have an AD account, you can easily change the password using

To change your NOAO AD password, click here:

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