small telescope

The Role of Small Telescopes
in Modern Astronomy

The First Annual
Lowell Observatory Fall Workshop

The First Annual Lowell Observatory Fall Workshop was held in Flagstaff, October 14-15, 1996. The topic for this workshop was The Role of Small Telescopes in Modern Astronomy. The Welcome and Opening Remarks were given by Bill Putnam (Trustee) and Bob Millis from the Lowell Observatory and Hugh Van Horn from the National Science Foundation.

Abstracts of oral and poster papers presented at this meeting are provided on these pages. The oral program consisted of invited and contributed talks divided into 4 main categories as listed below. A panel discussion followed the talks.

The NASTeC site has additional information about small-to-intermediate size telescopes. Also see the program for the NOAO Small Telescopes Workshop to be held in Toronto in January as an extra session of the AAS meeting.

The Role of Small Telescopes in Research

Session 1 - Moderator: Bill Keel (University of Alabama)

pink ball Parsec-Scale Herbig-Haro Outflows from Young Stars (Invited), John Bally (University of Colorado)

pink ball Observations of Novae with Small Telescopes (Invited), Sumner Starrfield (Arizona State University)

Session 2 - Moderator: Lee Anne Willson (Iowa State University)

pink ball The Role of Small Telescopes in the Study of Young Stellar Clusters, Star Formation, etc. (Invited), Lynn Hillenbrand (University of California, Berkeley)

pink ball Massive Searches of Variable Objects (Invited), Bohdan Paczynski (Princeton University)

pink ball The Macho Project: Revealing Galactic Dark Matter and Surveying the Time Domain in Astronomy with a 50-inch Telescope (Invited), Kem Cook (Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory)

Session 3 - Moderator: Bob Howell (University of Wyoming)

pink ball Time vs. Aperture: Examples and Reflections (Invited), Wes Lockwood (Lowell Observatory)

pink ball Cometary Impacts by Small Telescopes (Invited), Mike A'Hearn (University of Maryland)

pink ball Planetary Astronomy (sans comets) with Small Telescopes (Invited), Jim Elliot (MIT)

pink ball Role of Small Telescopes in Planetary Astronomy Research (Mars, Moon, etc.), Jim Bell (Cornell University)

Small Telescopes in Research and Education

Session 4 - Moderator: Sidney Wolff (NOAO)

pink ball Studying Star Formation with 0.4 to 0.9-Meter Telescopes, Fred Walter (SUNY, Stony Brook)

pink ball Speckle Interferometry of Double Stars with a 66-cm Refractor, Charles Worley (USNO)

pink ball The Mass-Luminosity Relation for Massive Stars, Phil Massey (KPNO/NOAO)

The Role of Small Telescopes in Education

Session 5 - Moderator: Gary Schmidt (University of Arizona)

pink ball Amateurs and Mentors, Leif J. Robinson (Sky and Telescope)

pink ball Research and Education are Symbiotic Stars at Astronomy Camp (Invited), Don McCarthy (University of Arizona)

pink ball The Impact of the Van Vleck Observatory 0.6-M Telescope on Astronomy Education at Wesleyan University (Invited), Bill Herbst (Wesleyan University)

pink ball The National Undergraduate Research Observatory: A Successful Model for Training Undergraduates (Invited), Kathy Degioia Eastwood (Northern Arizona University)

Modern Modes of Operating and Using Small Telescopes

Session 6 - Moderator: Kurt Anderson (New Mexico State University)

pink ball Operating a Suite of Small Telescopes with Modest Resources (Invited),Nat White (Lowell Observatory)

pink ball Observing Modes and Instrumentation for Small Telescopes (Invited), Mark Wagner (Ohio State University)

pink ball Back to the Future: The Southeastern Association for Research in Astronomy (SARA) Observatory at Kitt Peak and the Future of Small Telescopes at National Sites (Invited), Terry Oswalt (Florida Institute of Technology)

pink ball Unattended Automation as an Option for the Operation of Small Research Telescopes (Invited), Kent Honeycutt (Indiana University)

Session 7 - Moderator: Tom Barnes (University of Texas)

pink ball The Economics of Automatic Telescopes, Joel Eaton (Tennessee State University)

pink ball IR on Small NOAO Telescopes: Science Programs and User Profiles, Ron Probst (NOAO/CTIO)

pink ball The New 0.8-m Observatory at Vassar College, Debra Elmegreen (Vassar College)

pink ball The Global Network of Astronomical Telescopes, Eric Craine (GNAT, Inc.)

pink ball The Center for Backyard Astrophysics: A World Network of Small Telescopes, Joe Patterson (Columbia University)

pink ball High-Resolution Spectrophotometry: A Unique Capability of Small Telescopes, William Bruce Weaver (MIRA)

pink ball An Advanced Laboratory for Optical Astronomy, Jim Houck (Cornell University)

pink ball Small Telescopes: Their Importance to Research and Future Generations of Astronomers (Invited), John Huchra (Harvard/CFA)

Panel Discussion

Moderator: Bob Millis

Debra Elmegreen (Vassar College)
John Huchra (Harvard/Center for Astrophysics)
Gary Schmidt (University of Arizona)
Steve Strom (University of Massachusetts)
Hugh Van Horn (National Science Foundation)
Sidney Wolff (National Optical Astronomy Observatories)

Abstracts edited by Lee Anne Willson., Last Updated: 03Dec1996