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The future role of the National Observatory for Gemini science support

The US National Gemini Office (NGO) at NOAO is presently supporting the US Gemini Community through the phases of the astronomical observing cycle, from proposal preparation through data analysis. Other groups and individuals support Gemini science at NOAO through the TAC, and participate in committees that deal with Gemini operations, science and technology, program selection, and the users’ committee. What will be the future role of the National Observatory for Gemini science support? What does the US Gemini community need? Topics to be discussed with the US Gemini users span from observing modes and metrics to data analysis, science themes, and instrumentation.

Proposed by Letizia Stanghellini, Ken Hinkle, Dara Norman, Abi Saha, and Verne Smith (NOAO)

Comments (1):

The Gemini Science User Support Department is very interested in the learning about and serving the needs of our users as they evolve to meet the science challenges and opportunities of the coming decade. We would be happy to contribute what we have we been learning recently as we implemented short surveys to track user satisfaction as well as insights into future directions our users are interested in pursuing.

Comment by Joanna Thomas-Osip (Gemini Observatory)