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Maximizing information extraction from astronomical spectra

With the advent of massive spectroscopic surveys, the time is ripe to review, develop, and deploy the best methods for extracting information from spectra, particularly those that push the limits of S/N and spectral resolution. What are the major science opportunities that would benefit from improved spectral extraction methods? What are current “best practices” in spectral extraction, modeling spectra at various of levels of sophistication, measuring and classifying spectral features, and applying these techniques to spectra of stars and galaxies? What are the challenges associated with these techniques? What support does the community require in this area to maximize the science return from large spectroscopic datasets?

Proposed by Knut Olsen & Stephanie Juneau (NOAO)

Comments (1):

Given the huge number of low S/N spectra that will be returned by DESI, I think that these techniques will be necessary to leverage community science out of the large DOE spectroscopic survey that will be conducted with an NOAO facility. I'd be happy to help out if I can.

Comment by Gregory Rudnick (University of Kansas)