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A Southern Spectroscopic Survey Instrument

Both the Elmegreen report and the Kavli/NOAO/LSST "Maximizing Science" report have identified wide-field, highly-multiplexed spectroscopy on as large a telescope as feasible to be a key capability to take advantage of the capabilities of LSST, as well as training photometric redshifts to increase the value of the LSST dataset itself. The DOE Cosmic Visions process has similarly identified a Southern Spectroscopic Survey Instrument designed to complement LSST as a priority. Just as SDSS spectroscopy complemented SDSS imaging, a wide field spectroscopic capability optimized for complementing LSST has the potential to make major contributions to a wide variety of science.

Proposed by Jeffrey Newman (University of Pittsburgh)

Comments (8):

I would also like to contribute to this important proposal as much as I can.

Comment by John Moustakas (Siena college)

I think that this is important. We outlined a lot of relevant science in the "Maximizing Science in the Era of LSST: A Community-based Study of Needed US OIR Capabilities" report and this was one of our key recommendations. I'd be happy to work on this.

Comment by Gregory Rudnick (University of Kansas)

I agree this is very important in the era of LSST. Please keep me in the loop.

Comment by Ting Li (Fermilab)

I am happy to help.

Comment by Hu Zou (National Astronomical Observatory of China)

Please keep me in the loop. I am happy to help.

Comment by Yue Shen (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign)

I would like to be kept apprised of this development.

Comment by Juna Kollmeier (Carnegie Observatories)

I'd like to keep in the loop on any developments.

Comment by Michael Wilson (Lawrence Berkeley National Lab)

This is important, I'm happy to help

Comment by Eric Bell (University of Michigan)