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Community Access for Long Baseline Optical/Infrared Interferometry

Long baseline optical/infrared interferometry (LBOI) provides a milliarcsecond view of the universe. The technique of LBOI is used to investigate a wide range of topics in stellar astrophysics involving high spatial resolution studies of stars and their circumstellar environments. Open access time to interferometers is moving LBOI into the mainstream of astronomical techniques. Continued support of open access time through NOAO into the next decade will expand the scientific productivity of U.S.-based interferometric arrays. This access will also help optimize the science return from large scale ground and space-based surveys by following up targets of interest discovered by these missions. Access to existing infrastructure will aid the development of technologies necessary for building the next generation of astronomical observatories that will push the limits on sensitivity and spatial resolution.

We have submitted a white paper on this topic.

Proposed by Gail Schaefer (Georgia State University)