Renovation of the WIYN 0.9m telescope 2001

Renovation of the 0.9m began on 04/17/01. The renovations will be performed by Astronomical Consultants and Equipment, Inc. and will include:

  • An upgraded Telscope Control System
  • A new Filter /Shutter/Guider assembly
  • Replacement of the old RA, Dec, and focus motors and encoders
  • Weather proofing of the dome

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    Removal of the top end 04/30/01.
    The top end was unbolted and lifted from the telescope via the overhead crane. It was then dropped through the trap doors on the platform and the floor, loaded on the truck and shipped down to Tucson where the focus mechanism can be worked on.
    Note: The WIYN 3.5m telescope can be seen in the background in some of the images.

    CNC (computer numerically controlled) machining of one of the filter wheels 4/30/01:

    There will be two filter wheels in the FSA, each with 8 slots yielding access of up to 14 filters.


    Filter-Shutter Assemly Lid 5/18/01 and housing 5/24/01:

    Removal of the RA and Dec motors and encoders 05/22/01:
    The old RA and Dec drive motors each weigh around 200 lbs. They were unbolted and removed from the telescope and will be replaced with new, somewhat smaller motors of the same torque. The encoders will also be replaced with newer, smaller versions.


    Note: The small motors with red tags are the motors for the Selsysns. They will also be removed and no longer used.

    Right Ascension:

    Weather proofing the dome 06/16/01:
    The deteriorated rubber seal in between the shutter blades was replaced with Duro EPDM rubber that can withstand extreme heat and cold. The rivets that attached the old rubber to the dome were punched out and the old rubber removed. The new rubber was then attached with screws and washers and further sealed with a silicone caulk. The rubber is placed on one shutter blade and extends past the shutter. The second blade has a lip which when closed overlaps the first shutter blade. The rubber is then folded over to form a tight seal.

    Washing of the primary mirror 07/16/01:
    The primary mirror was lowered from the tube and the smoke stacked was removed to prepare for washing. Duct tape was placed around the edges and a funnel was placed in the center hole to help drain the water.

    The mirror before washing.

    The mirror was rinsed and washed with soapy water, and then botted dry. CO2 snow is used to remove any remaining lint.

    Reflectance and scattering data was measured before and after washing.

    The corrector also got a cleaning while it was off - lady bugs and other particulates were found on the corrector.

    Installation of the Filter Shutter Assembly (FSA) 09/06/01:
    The completed FSA before installation on the telescope. The circular hole in the side in the first image is one of the two guider ports. The second guider port cannot be seen, but is exactly opposite.

    The FSA mounted onto the telescope.

    Last updated September 12, 2001.