The WIYN 0.9m telescope participates in many outreach and community programs. As a small consortium led telescope, our participants can feel free to explore the capabilities of the telescope, without feeling the pressures of research that larger telescopes hold. One of the results of this is the large array of images, taken at the 0.9m, that are used for the Kitt Peak poster series. These images can be seen in the 0.9m Images section.

Our many outreach programs bring astronomy to college undergraduates, through the REU program, the K-12 level, through the RBSE program, as well as the general community, thorugh the Visitor Center evening program.

We have a variety of different research programs that are being conducted at the telescope year round. For more information on our current observers and their research click here. For a brief description of some of the research being conducted February 2012 through July 2012 please click here.

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Heidi Schweiker
WIYN 0.9m Observatory
950 N. Cherry Ave.
Tucson, AZ 85719
E-mail: heidis@noao.edu
Telephone: (520) 318-8140
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