NOAO Family Night

Family Night By Flynn Haase

In May of 2008 Kitt Peak hosted a family night for NOAO employees and their family members. wiyn family night Family Night at WIYN 0.9 Meter was a huge success. The WIYN was very popular with NOAO and NSO employees and their families. Visitors started showing up at 4:30 pm and were treated to a view of the moon. Large crowds of Family Night waited in long lines to look through the WIYN 0.9m eyepiece.

As the afternoon progressed, the sky grew darker and the crowds grew larger, with long lines forming outside the dome. The crowd waited patiently for a chance to see Saturn through the eyepiece. Many wondered if what they were seeing what real --- they couldn't believe how sharp the image was. With the crowds showing no signs of thinning, it was decided to tackle another object in the sky. The second target was M53, a globular cluster that wowed the visitors. Late in the evening and with a line of 20-30 people eagerly waiting their chance to take a look, it was announced that the festivities were coming to a close.

Everyone had a great time and wished hey could stay longer and see more objects --- perhaps next time. Family Night was sponsored by the NOAO Employee Association and made possible by the efforts of many employee volunteers. We thank everybody who contributed to the huge success of this event.

wiyn family night

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