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Remote Observing

Polycom Instructions

In order to operate the video polycom in the 0.9m control room, follow these instructions.

  • Turn on the tv with the green power button on the front. Make sure the y/c video option is selected (button on the front)
  • Turn on the Polycom with the power switch on the back left of the device.
  • Once the system comes up you will see the main menu. Among other options, there is one for making manual calls (dial a number directly) and one for making a call from the address book. On the remote control, use the brown arrow keys to highlight either the TV icon, for a manual call, or the address book. Once highlighted, the center brown key will select your option.
  • If using the address book to make a call, use the brown arrows to highlight the location you wish to call. Once highlighted, either the brown center button or the green call button will place the call.
  • For a manual call, enter the IP address of your destination in the box provided. For a "." use the brown right arrow key. To backspace, use the left brown arrow key. Pressing the brown center button or the green call button will place the call.
  • Once the call has been placed make sure you are not locally muted. The small triangle box is used to mute and unmute your local sound going out.


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