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Opportunity Queue

The Opportunity Queue (OQ) is a web-based communications service designed to connect Observers who find themselves with free time at the telescope with consortium members (PIs) who request certain observations.

Participation in the OQ is completely voluntary for the Observer, and is encouragedby academic rewards (e.g., simple thanks, acknowledgement in a paper, co-authorship, reciprocal observation, etc) from the PI for the time and effort expended. This is a"free market" system where PIs offering more attractive rewards are more likely to have high-quality data obtained promptly.

The OQ is intended to increase the scientific productivity of the telescope while fostering collaborations between consortium members. It is a shared-risk service that relies on the trust and good intentions of its users. Abuse may lead to dissatisfaction and limitation or discontinuation of the service.

Please check with the Site Manager, Flynn, if you have a program you would like to submit, or for any current programs available for observations.

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Opportunity Queue


Flynn Haase, Site Manager
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