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If you are interested in applying for 0.9m Telescope time through NOAO you must submit the standard KPNO Observing Proposal forms. Proposals are due at the same time as all other NOAO proposals (around March 31 and September 30). Partner University observers interested in time must go through their University at the time the call for proposals is issued. Deadline dates for University partners are issued along with the call for proposals.

In preparation for your run, please review the 0.9-m User's Handbook, which explains many of the details of observing at the 0.9m Telescope including operations, accomodations and resources available on Kitt Peak.

In preparation for your run please review the relevant instrument documentation for HDI as well as the Telescope Operations Manual. If you have further questions, contact the Site Manager.


Observing Tools

Telescope Schedule

Telescope Calendar

Telescope Manual

Startup Checklist and Handy Hints (or old Jan 2017 version)

ORP Form

HDI manual

S2KB CCD/Filter Info

Mosaic Info

CCD Signal-to-noise calculator

Queue Observing

Remote Observing

Night Log

Observing Run Evaluation

KPNO Service

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Printable Log Sheets


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