Turn off the white light at the entrance.
Make sure the bathroom door is closed.
Make sure the door to the loading dock is open.
If it is monsoon season and you have been doing lightning shutdowns, check the N2 tank pressure: it should be > 500psi
Make sure the preload power supply, in the computer room, is reading voltages
Check in the computer room that the dry air system is running.
Turn on the fan above the dry Nitrogen bottles.
Turn off the light in the loading dock area.
Make sure the door to the control room is closed.


Check cables around telescope - make sure none are strained or pulled out.
Check the area around the telescope for obstructions.
Make sure the crane is stowed.
Make sure the handpaddle is properly stowed.
Fill the dewar (if using S2KB) and sign the log sheet.


If the control system, ACE, is running on Olive select the exit button
Bring up the control system on Olive (Select "ACE" from the desktop) - Login and password are on the whiteboard.
Home the Dome
Slew the telescope to the mirror cover park position.


Use the ladder to remove the mirror cover. Be careful not to bump the flat field lamps.
Stow the mirror cover in the blue holder on the platform.

 Move the telescope to the Dome Flat Park position. The dome will also move to the correct position.

Open the dome shutter via the control panel on the platform.
Turn on the dome fans at the top of the stairs.
Open the dome vents - Be sure to turn off the circuit breaker when done.
Plug in the exhaust fan (if humidity is below 70%)
Turn off the dome lights.


Slew the telescope to zenith (Remember to Reset the slew interlock)
Move the telescope to a bright star near zenith and check the pointing or simply turn on the telescope tracking if taking sky flats.
Turn AutoDome on.
Go to your first object and check focus.

Last updated 03/08/12 hlm