Stop your exposure and guiding.
Quit the guider software on Moss if using S2KB. Be sure to Disconnect the guide camera before quitting the software.
If using Mosaic, turn off the guide cameras and put shutter in "dark" position.
Turn off AutoDome and send the dome to the home position. Under the Dome Menu => Home
Take telescope to mirror cover park position.


Use ladder to replace the mirror cover.
Close the dome shutter via the control panel on the platform.
Turn off dome fans.
Unplug the exhaust fan.
Close the dome vents - remember to switch off the circuit breaker.
Fill the dewar (if using S2KB) and sign the log sheet.


Move the telescope to the zenith park position.
Log out of the control system (Select User => Logoff from the top toolbar).
Turn off the handheld radio and stow it in the recharger.
Turn off the heater or A/C and the coffee pot.
Fill out the nitelog form.
Fill out the Observing Run Evaluation if it's your last night.
If there were problems during the night that werent reported in the nightlog send an email to


Turn off the fan in the loading dock.
Check that the dry air system is still running.
Check the N2 if you have done lighting shutdowns: The pressure should be >500psi

When leaving the building please make sure the outside door closes fully behind you.

If this is the last night of your run see the End of Run Checklist for additional shutdown items.

Last updated 03/08/12 hlm