"To do" At the end of your run


Below is a list of things you need to do (in addition to the items on the Shutdown Checklist) at the end of your run, before you leave the mountain.


1. Fill out the Observing Run Evaluation form.

-An online form can be found on the 0.9m webpage under the Observing section.

2. Back up your data.

-Make sure you have backed up all of your data by noon of the day following your last night. Your data will be deleted by noon! For extenuating circumstances you may request that your data not be deleted, but make sure you request this to the Site Manager (hmathis@noao.edu) and be sure to leave a note on the Data Acquisition computer.

3. Clean out the refrigerator.

-Dispose of perishable items such as fruits, veggies, un-consumed night lunches, yogurts, milk, etc. Semi-perishables such as coffee, soft drinks, jams you may leave in the refrigerator for other observers to consume. Non-perishables that have not been opened may be left by the microwave for other observers to consume. Anything else should be thrown out.

-Note: any items left in the control may not be there for your next observing run!

4. Tidy up the control room.

-Throw away any unwanted items.

-Replace all manuals/notebooks you used during your run. Return any items borrowed from WIYN (including almanacs).

-If the trash is relatively full, remove the bag and tie it closed, then place it in the large green trash bin in the loading dock area. Replace it with a new trash bag. Spare trash bags can be found in the closet beside the dry nitrogen tanks (orange tanks) on the shelves.

5. Make sure the dewar will hold until 2pm the day after you run.

-The following observer should arrive on the mountain by 2pm the following day.

-Make sure the dewar has been filled and will hold until, unless you have been instructed otherwise by the Site Manager.

6. Return any borrowed flashlights.

-If you borrowed flashlights from the 0.9m be sure to return them to the cabinet below the water cooler.

-If you picked up a flashlight at the Administration building on your way in be sure to return it there.

7. Checkout of the dorms/houses by 2pm.

-Checkout for the KPNO dorms and WIYN houses is 2pm at the Administration building. Please be sure to be out of the rooms/houses by that time or you may be charged for an additional day. Be sure to deposit keys and key cards as well.

8. Tidy up the 0.9m house.

-If you have been staying in the 0.9m house be sure to leave it in good shape for the following observers.

-Dispose of any unused food, or leave marked in the fridge.

-Clean dishes you have used.

-Remove sheets and pillow cases from the bed(s) you have used and deposit in the container in the hallway.

-If you have accumulated empty aluminum cans for recycling be sure to deposit them in the cafeteria. There is a box for collection at the entrance to the cafeteria lounge.

9. If it looks like it may storm shutdown power to the 0.9m.

-Since no one may be around until 2pm the day following your run, if it looks like it may storm please follow the Lightning Shutdown procedures to shutdown power to the facility. Also let the Site Manager know if power has been shutdown.

10. Turn off the air conditioner and/or wall mounted heater in the control room if used.