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WIYN 0.9m Contacts

WIYN Director Dr. Jayadev Rajagopal   jayadev.rajagopal@noao.edu
WIYN 0.9m Director Dr. Con Deliyannis   con@astro.indiana.edu
0.9m Telescope Scientist Dr. Michael Richmond   mwrsps@rit.edu
ACE Engineer Dr. Peter Mack (520)219-8722 pmack@astronomical.com

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WIYN 0.9 Partners

Austin Peay State University

Haverford College

Indiana University

Rochester Institute of Technology

San Francisco State University

University of Wisconsin- Madison

University of Wisconsin- Oshkosh

University of Wisconsin- Stevens Point

University of Wisconsin- Whitewater

Wisconsin Space Grant Consortium


Heidi Schweiker
WIYN 0.9m Observatory
950 N. Cherry Ave.
Tucson, AZ 85719
E-mail: heidis@noao.edu
Telephone: (520) 318-8140
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