Ant2Ant2 labeled

A bright, artificial blob representing Antlia 2 (upper left) has been added to show its location on the far side of the Milky Way
(G. Torrealba/Academia Sinica, Taiwan; V. Belokurov/Cambridge, UK & CCA, New York, US; based on an image by S. Brunie/ESO)

Ghostly Backyard Giant Plays Hide-and-Seek

Astronomers have discovered a large, extremely diffuse galaxy companion to the Milky Way. As big as the Large Magellanic Cloud but 10,000 times fainter, the galaxy has eluded us until now because of its faint, “ghostly” appearance and its hiding place behind the disk of the Milky Way. The discovery was made with the Gaia satellite and archival data from DECam on the CTIO Blanco telescope. Astronomers want to know: is this galaxy an oddball?...or one of many “ghostly” companions yet to be found?

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Read more from University of Cambridge.

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