Image Credit: J. Najita, M. Newhouse & NOAO/AURA/NSF

Dark Energy Survey Opens Door to New Discoveries

The Dark Energy Survey, currently in progress on the CTIO Blanco telescope, has issued its first data release. Measurements of 400 million stars and galaxies are now available, continuing the trend toward ever larger data sets in astronomy. While the data have already led to many discoveries, including eleven new stellar streams — created as small neighboring galaxies interact with the Milky Way — other discoveries await. Where will you explore? What will you discover?

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Read more in NOAO Press Release 18-01.

  • NOAO invites community input on science opportunities of the coming decade in preparation for the Decadal Survey. To learn more and to contribute, visit our 2020 Decadal Survey planning page.

  • Peering back in time, to when the Universe was only 5% of its current age, astronomers have spotted the most distant supermassive black hole discovered yet. Read more in NOAO Press Release 17-07.

  • Interstellar interloper 1I/2017 U1, recently spotted streaking through the Solar System, provides an up close look at an object from another planetary system.

  • Cosmic Forge of Rare Heavy Elements Discovered.
    View & Share the Trailer Video. Read more in the NOAO Press Release.

  • A stunning collection of images showcased in the 8th International Earth & Sky Photo Contest highlights the beauty of the night sky and the battle with light pollution.

  • The October 2017 NOAO Newsletter is ready to download. It contains sections on Science Highlights, Community Science & Data, System Observing, and NOAO Operations & Staff.

  • Supernova Survivor Flung Far from Home: Forensic spectra taken with the KPNO Mayall telescope helps astronomers reconstruct a star’s perilous past.

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