Punching Above Its Weight, a Brown Dwarf Launches a Parsec-Scale Jet

Astronomers using the SOAR telescope at CTIO have discovered a spectacular extended jet from a young brown dwarf. While young stars are known to launch jets that extend over a light year or more, this is the first such jet from a brown dwarf. The discovery, made by a team that includes NOAO astronomers Cesar Briceno and Steve Heathcote, lends new insight into how substellar objects form.

Read more in NOAO Press Release 17-01.

  • Meet “DeeDee”, a Distant Dwarf in the Outer Solar System. Located 92 AU from the Sun, DeeDee is the second most distant trans-Neptunian object known. Read more in the NRAO Press Release.

  • GLOBE at Night Join the international star-hunt campaign, Globe at Night, May 17-26. Use a smart phone to submit sky brightness in real time! Visit globeatnight.org.

  • Dusk to Dawn time-lapse at CTIO. Watch the Milky Way rise as the Magellanic Clouds set behind the Blanco 4m. Taken by Rongpu Zhou while observing for DECaLS on 4 March 2017.

  • The March 2017 NOAO Newsletter contains sections on Science Highlights, Community Science & Data, System Observing: Telescopes and Instruments, and NOAO Operations & Staff.

  • Students from six Tucson high schools recently built Galileoscopes as part of the MathMovesU program, led by Raytheon, the UA Early Academic Office NOAO and the TAAA.

  • Protecting Dark Skies for Astronomy and Life. NOAO, in partnership with other concerned organizations, convened a workshop at the AAS meeting to showcase successful strategies for reducing light pollution.

  • NOAO announces with sorrow the death of Dr. Vera Rubin. Her observations at the KPNO 2.1-m provided compelling evidence for Dark Matter. She will be greatly missed by the entire NOAO staff.

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