Public visits & activities canceled
NSF's NOIRLab is monitoring the development of COVID-19. To ensure the safety of its staff and the public, it has been decided as a precautionary measure to suspend public visits to Cerro Tololo, Cerro Pachón in Chile, Maunakea in Hawai'i and to Kitt Peak in Arizona, and also suspend public events, media visits and classroom visits in all NOIRLab locations until further notice.

After an internal Operations Restart Readiness Review, Gemini North in Hawai‘i has been given the green light on their plan to restart nighttime observations on the night of 19 May.

Credit: National Optical-Infrared Astronomy Research Laboratory/AURA/NSF/P. Marenfeld

NOAO Unites with Gemini and LSST

As of 1 October 2019, NOAO has joined with Gemini Observatory and LSST operations to create a new organization, NSF’s National Optical-Infrared Astronomy Research Laboratory (NSF’s NOIRLab). As the preeminent US center for ground-based optical-infrared astronomy, the new organization brings together diverse pathways for astronomical exploration, serves as a focal point for community coordination and collaboration, and enables the discoveries of the future. The integration is part of a long-term evolutionary trend and is reminiscent of the origin of NOAO itself.

Read more in this Currents article and in the NSF’s NOIRLab press release.

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