Observing Information

Applying for Observing Time on WIYN

If you are an observer interested in applying for WIYN Telescope time through NOAO you must submit the standard KPNO Observing Proposal forms. University observers interested in applying for WIYN Telescope time must go through their institution and submit the WI Program Details form. Complete information about the NOAO WIYN Observing Program is available on the NOAO Observing Program Home Page.

View the currently available instruments for a list of observing opportunities at WIYN. Also review the Status page for any projects that may cause constraints to the upcoming semester.

Prior to your Observing Run

In preparation for your run, please review the WIYN User's Handbook, which explains many of the details in observing at WIYN including operations, accomodations and resources available on Kitt Peak. Please also review the WIYN observing policies for policies on maximum number of allowed observers, remote observing, housing on Kitt Peak and more.

In order to understand housing and technical requirements for your run, an Observing Run Preparation(ORP) form must be submitted at least 6 weeks in advance of your scheduled observing run. If you wish to include an observer who was not on your original proposal, you must write to kpno@noao.edu with a formal request.

The ORP form should detail required filters as well as instrument configurations (if applicable). Choose from available WIYN filters or Kitt Peak filters, which can also be borrowed for use at WIYN. Be sure to view instrument manuals and supporting documentation for detailed instrument capabilities. Further questions regarding the configuration or setup of an instrument should be directed toward the appropriate instrument scientist.

In preparation for your Hydra run please submit your Hydra configuration files through the Hydra File Submission Form.

You may also submit a coordinate cache on the Coordinate Cache Submission Form. This must be submitted at least 2 weeks in advance of your observing run.

Introduction to the systems

The afternoon of the first night of your run an instrument support person will give an introduction to the equipment. Please plan to arrive at the telescope by 1:30pm to meet with your support person. If you can not be there by 1:30pm please notify them of your arrival time.

In preparation for your run please review the relevant instrument documentation. If you have further questions, contact the appropriate instrument scientist.

Remote Observing

WIYN has the capability of observing remotely. Observers wishing to use this capability must include the request on the Observing Run Preparation form and have prior experience observing at WIYN with the requested instrumentation. If you are unfamiliar with the remote observing setup please refer to the instructions for initiating remote observing. If you plan to observe remotely, please review the policies on remote observing.

Observing Tools

WIYN has an Automated CCD log for use with Hydra, Densepak, Sparsepak, MiniMo, and WTTM. Alternatively, paper logsheets for hand-written logs are available for Bench instruments or Imagers.

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Publishing Data

At the end of your observing run, please take a few minutes to complete the Observing Run Evaluation.

Publications resulting from the use of Kitt Peak facilities should acknowledge the proper observatories. In addition to the Kitt Peak Credit line, the WIYN Observatory Corporation has requested that a WIYN acknowledgement be included in any paper using WIYN data.

A long list of publications has resulted from observations with the WIYN telescope.

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