Remote Observing Information

Note: If you plan to observe remotely please review the observing policies on remote observing.

Remote Observing from outside the WIY network

Observers can observe remotely from virtually anywhere, provided they meet the requirements laid out in the remote observing policies (see below). Observers wishing to observe remotely from outside the WIY network, must indicate so on the Observing Run Preparation form (submitted at least 6 weeks in advance of your run). If this is the first time observing remotely (or the remote computer/location has changed) you must contact the WIYN Operations Manager (heidis at at least 2 weeks prior to your observing run in order to run a test of remote connectability.

Remote Observing Setup and Instructions

Remote Observing Policies and Procedures




Prior to Observing Run:

During Observing Run:

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