WIYN Observatory

The WIYN Observatory supports the current and future research and education needs of its scientists by operating and maintaining the WIYN facilities at a superb level of performance, and by developing opportunities to enable frontier astrophysical research.

NOAO Continues Community Access to WIYN

The September, 2014 NOAO Newsletter (#110) contains the following statement: "NOAO is happy to announce that community access to WIYN will continue during 2015A." WIYN is delighted to continue to be able to host observers from the community at large in the 2015A semester. Potential observers should consult the WIYN status page before writing proposals.

WIYN Consortium Seeks New Partners

The WIYN Consortium, which operates the 3.5-m WIYN telescope on Kitt Peak in Arizona, is seeking new partners to join the consortium. Our immediate goal is to secure the future operations of the WIYN 3.5-m telescope. However, we are also interested in talking to potential partners about the possibility of creating a new consortium that would operate both the WIYN 3.5-m and Mayall 4-m telescope as a two-telescope system on Kitt Peak.

For additional information, view the Potential Partner Information or contact John Salzer (slaz at astro.indiana.edu).

Supernova SN2014J Imaged with ODI

The recent supernova explosion (named SN2014J) in the galaxy M82 is particularly exciting because this galaxy is relatively close ("only" about 12 million light years distant). This enables astronomers to independently measure the distance of this type Ia supernova, and thus calibrate the distance to other Type Ia supernovae.

The image shows SN2014J (arrow) in M82 as it was observed by the WIYN 3.5m telescope on January 28, 2014, a few days before reaching maximum brightness. The observation used WIYN's newest camera, the One Degree Imager. The WIYN aperture and spatial resolution will be essential as the team follows the fading supernova during the months ahead.


ODI Update: Summer R&R

ODI has been removed from the telescope during our maintenance shutdown period this summer. While is it off the telescope we are able to perform some general maitenance tasks. Read all about ODI's happenings in the ODI Status Update.

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